Want to build a super quick super cheap wing? Consider dollar tree foam board. For smaller to midsize models (electrics) you can build surprisingly sturdy, surprisingly nice flying wings. Add paint or colored tape or decals to finish it off.

folded wing example

Simply input the desired wing chord and the code spits out the unfolded dimensions. You can quickly mark these out on a piece of foamboard, decide for yourself what wing span you want and the shape of the wing tip, and cut it out. A few minutes to score, fold, and glue, and you have yourself a basic wing!

You can grab the python script there:


Cutting a spar using the calculated dimensions

cutting a spar

Lifting body glider

And for no particular reason other than I thought it might look cool and might work, I added v-tail fins to my small test section to create a decent flying glider. Also, shout out to Mike Lynch, the coolest (and nicest) star nerd I’ve ever had a chance to meet. :-)

lifting body glider