Model Airplane Designer

MAD is a model airplane rapid design system. The user inputs what they want at a high level using a form based interface. The MAD system then builds an exact 3d model of the design, 2d full size build plans, individual part templates and layouts for laser cut sheets.

How is MAD different from other tools?

  • MAD is not a CAD tool. CAD tools are often very expensive and can take years to learn well enough to use effectively. MAD is quick and easy to learn yet still produces high quality professional grade output.
  • MAD automatically generates laser cutter layout sheets that can be directly cut by your favorite laser cutter. This allows you to create more complex and ambitious designs that are still as simple and as straightforward to build as a trainer.
  • MAD can do quite a lot, but it cannot do everything. If you need everything you may be a good candidate for purchasing and learning an advance 3d solid modeler.
  • MAD knows how to cut built up ailerons and flaps into your fancy curved or tapered wings, and generates all the parts for you.
  • MAD makes changing your design fast and easy. You can switch airfoils, move a stringer, add lightening holes, add sheeting, move ribs, change span or chord, add twist or sweep – all in a matter of a few seconds. You don’t have to redraw all your parts and structures yourself, MAD does this for you automatically, exactly, and perfectly every time.

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