You don’t have to be crazy to design your next model airplane yourself!

  • Input basic dimentions, MAdesigner creates the intricate structurs for you. You get to make all the design and engineering choices, MAdesigner does all the CAD work for you under the hood.
  • Creates an exact 3d model of your framework which you can careful examine and validate your design structure.
  • Outputs full size plans for building.
  • Creates ‘cut sheets’ for a laser cutter or paper templates if you want to cut the parts by hand.
  • Design changes are quick and easy. Add a stringer, move a rib, change the airfoil, add wing twist, sweep, taper … all in just seconds.


  • Flitetest style folded wing designer

    Want to build a super quick super cheap wing? Consider dollar tree foam board. For smaller to midsize models (electrics) you can build surprisingly sturdy, surprisingly nice flying wings. Add paint or colored tape or decals to finish it off.

  • Part Nesting

    Screenshot from 2015-12-29 18-29-28

  • How to Build a Simple Wing (video)

    This is a short video that walks you through the process of creating a very simple wing — ready to send to a laser cutter and build.

  • Introduction to MAD (video)

    This video walks you through a quick introduction to Model Airplane Designer.  It’s best of course if you watch full screen HD.

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